0 15 years is a long time….

  • by Tony Sexton
  • 30-07-2020
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Picture the scene, you’re lounging on the sofa having 5 minutes to yourself. You quickly check your messages on WhatsApp before reaching for your iPad to spend a little time scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat. To be fair, you actually do some productive things as well. That Airbnb is now booked for your trip away this weekend and the Uber is booked to take you to the train station. Now time for that run, you grab your Fitbit, make sure the 4G is enabled and off you go…

All seems fairly normal huh? Well 15 years ago none of these things would be possible. Yep, none of the things mentioned above existed 15 years ago. Really!

Now let’s move forward 15 years. You pull up at the Car Showroom, it’s time to change your car. Perhaps that new model you’ve had your eye on will be just about in your price budget. The helpful Sales Executive takes the time to show you around the car, explaining features, opening doors, the boot and the bonnet. What! Hang on, where’s the engine?

Well here’s the reality! In 2035, that’s just 15 years away, the new car you buy won’t have an engine. It won’t be petrol, it won’t be diesel and believe it or not it won’t even be a hybrid. It will be fully electric. Yep, powered by a battery and a motor!

A lot can change in 15 years hey, doesn’t time fly?