1 Don't stop thinking about tomorrow...

  • by Tony Sexton
  • 04-08-2020
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Don't stop, it'll soon be here
It'll be, better than before
Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone

In the week that we lost Peter Green it seems appropriate to honour a Fleetwood Mac classic. It was 1977 when we first heard these lyrics and never have they seemed more relevant.

This week also saw the news that the UK produced electricity for 42 days and 19 hours without burning any coal (Coal – GB Grid). Perhaps yesterday is gone!

We also heard the news (Deloitte) that assuming compound growth, EV sales worldwide are estimated to be:

2.5 million in 2020

11.2 million in 2025

31.1 million in 2030

That means EV’s will account for a third of all vehicle sales worldwide in just 10 years time. The lyrics are correct, ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’!

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  • Rebecca Wood

    04-08-2020 21:27

    Tony, I love this post! Not only as a Fleetwood Mac fan but as an EV customer looking for my next new car. I'm absolutely looking for confidence from the salesperson - if they don't give it to me, I will postpone the decision to purchase until I get it. The right person at the right dealership will have engaged me and truly understood what my needs are before tomorrow comes.