Simply click the 'free trial' button or complete the contact form. We’ll get straight in touch to set you up. All we need is your name and email address and you are ready to go - no strings attached!

You’re in control. At the end of your 'free trial' we'll ask you for your thoughts, nothing complicated, just tick one of three boxes. If you like what you see (and we think you will) then we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps. If you don’t like it (and we don’t think you will) then we’ll simply delete your data

No! We do recommend though that you use OSCAR for the full 6 months. This will ensure that your Electric Vehicle knowledge is fully embedded and give you the very best results for your investment. You can however cancel at any time during a month and you will not be charged for any subsequent months

We need minimal information e.g. Designated key contact, name, contact number, position within company, department. We'll even send you a simple form to complete to make it easy. All data is secure and dealt with under GDPR regulations

OSCAR is suitable for everyone in the Dealership, from Valeters to Directors. The questions are designed to engage and educate every team member so that they can have a confident conversation with any visitor to your site

OSCAR will send you 2 questions per day, delivered to your email address. The email will arrive in your inbox during the early hours of the morning, giving you a full day to open it at a time convenient to you

We find that this is the least intrusive way and allows you to answer at a time of day convenient for you

OSCAR invoices you on the last day of the calendar month, to be paid by the end of the next month.

All data is protected under current GDPR regulations.

A simple call or email to our team is all it takes. We understand that this needs to be as easy as possible for you and therefore we endevour to process and confirm any cancellations within 24 hours of notification. Upon cancellation confirmation, you will not be invoiced for any subsequent months. Sadly, there isn't a refund for any part month used 

If a member of staff leaves, we'll simply remove them from the list and you'll stop paying for them. New starters can be added at any time. All changes are easy to make via your designated Dealership key contact

All questions are channelled through the key contact in your Dealership. Your OSCAR Account Manager will be on hand from there to help out

Absolutely not. Whether you take 1 or 100 or more, it doesn’t matter

Don’t worry, OSCAR LEARNING is aimed at every level in the dealership. We increase the difficulty every month, starting with the basics and building up to the more complicated questions

Depending on which Management account you agree to, OSCAR has a monthly rewards programme built into your management fee. WE reward your top performers! Of course, you can always enhance this if you choose to

Don't worry, click the link in your OSCAR account and we’ll pause things until you return

There are 3 sections to the cost, all very transparent.

Firstly there is the monthly license fee, payable for every user. It costs only £17.99 + VAT per user/per month within the Dealership. Superb value ensuring that you are learning, enhancing and embedding your Electric Vehicle know-how.

Secondly there is a one off set up fee of £279 + VAT per Dealership

Thirdly there is a monthly management fee applicable for every month, or part month. Tier 1 fee is £599 + VAT per month, Tier 2 is £779 + VAT per month per Dealership

6 months of questions, giving every team member an enviable EV knowledge. Just think of the advantage this gives you over your competitors!

The set up fee covers all administration costs associated with the initial setting up of your account, as well as the ongoing maintenance over the next 6 months such as setting up new users, deleting expired users and adding/removing email addresses

Tier 1 - Your management fee gives you a full helping hand with all of the 'back-of-house' data and information produced by OSCAR. For example, we help you to understand and utilise your Red, Amber, Green (RAG) report. We identify top performers, most engaged, least engaged, individual trends and then how to use this information to create TNA's and coaching plans. You also benefit from a monthly telephone call/online project meeting from your OSCAR Account Manager, who is also on hand throughout the month to help with any query resolutions

Tier 2 - You get all of the above PLUS 3 added value benefits. Firstly, a monthly mystery shop visit to your Dealership for every month that you are an active user. OSCAR will supply you with a video and a full report on each visit to help you monitor your teams EV knowledge and progress. Secondly, OSCAR also provides your top performers, in 3 different categories, with a monthly e-voucher reward. This is funded by OSCAR! And finally, OSCAR sends your key contact a Friday Fact File. 4 questions each week designed to recap a selection of the weekly learning. Perfect to use as a team quiz whilst providing a reference library for some of the more specific subject matter

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per week – you get..

  • Quick and easy set up to a device that suits the user - a seamless implementation.

  • Guaranteed increase in specific Electric Vehicle confidence throughout the Dealership for individual staff, teams, and departments.

  • Improvement in your overall Electric Vehicle customer experience.

  • To go at your pace, flexible and adaptable to your business.

  • Built in rewards and engagement for "top performer" or "most engaged" – you decide!