How does OSCAR Work?

It couldn't be Simpler!

Your team will be fully electrified in 6 months

  • OSCAR sends each user 2 random questions, delivered via email, every day Monday-Friday

  • At a time convenient to the user, simply click the link in the email and it takes only a minute or two to answer the daily questions

  • OSCAR continually analyses individual user responses, looking for things like wrong answers and speed of response, to constantly adapt the questions delivered. No two users are the same

  • OSCAR builds EV knowledge, competence and confidence in short bursts of tailored learning

New questions unlocked every month

  • Month 1 starts with questions based on feedback from EV buyer surveys... the questions on every buyers lips

  • Each month OSCAR adds more varied and complex questions, finishing with things that users 'didn't know they didn't know!'

  • Questions are grouped into topic subjects such as 'charging', 'costs' and 'battery' to allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses in a specific area. This helps you create individual training and coaching plans, and also to add in-house training to your team meetings

Cost effective and high impact

  • OSCAR provides users with nuggets of bite-sized learning

  • Guaranteed learning curve for all users and teams with full visibility reporting to track progress

  • Quantifiable results whether it be; return-on-sales profitability, profit-per-unit increase, higher converted EV enquiries or customer satisfaction scoring via Google reviews or manufacturer CSI

Fully Embedded EV Knowledge

  • Bite sized nuggets of EV knowledge delivered daily – guaranteed to build your expertise.

  • OSCARS Friday Fact File – Every Friday, OSCAR will send your key contact 4 questions designed to recap a selection of the weekly learning. This is perfect for a team quiz, and it provides a reference library for some of the more specific subject matter.

  • Video Mystery Shop – Dealerships that opt for the ‘Tier 2 management plan’ benefit from a monthly Mystery Shop visit. This provides the Dealership with 6 videos and 6 personalised reports giving a complete library that can be used to evidence EV improvement.

  • Rewards Programme – Dealerships that opt for the ‘Tier 2 management plan’ benefit from an OSCAR funded rewards programme. Every month OSCAR sends an e-voucher to the team member identified as ‘Most Engaged’ ‘Top Performer’ and ‘Best Improver’, all designed to engage your team and encourage learning.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per week – you get..

  • Quick and easy set up to a device that suits the user - a seamless implementation.

  • Guaranteed increase in specific Electric Vehicle confidence throughout the Dealership for individual staff, teams, and departments.

  • Improvement in your overall Electric Vehicle customer experience.

  • To go at your pace, flexible and adaptable to your business.

  • Built in rewards and engagement for "top performer" or "most engaged" – you decide!