What is Oscar?

Think you know Electric Vehicles?

  • OSCAR complements, supports and enhances your Manufacturer specific EV training

  • OSCAR ensures that your customers benefit from a more confident and knowledgeable EV workforce

  • OSCAR improves the opportunity for more sales 

  • OSCAR improves the potential for completely satisfied EV customers

  • OSCAR gives you short, sharp, bite-sized learning which takes less than 2-minutes a day

  • OSCAR is fantastically easy to set up and use, delivered via our online learning platform direct to your phone, iPad, laptop, PC – whatever suits you

  • OSCAR LEARNING - EV knowledge, all for the price of a cup of coffee per week!

OSCAR LEARNING is here to make sure that your whole Dealership – from Admin to Accounts, from Sales Executive to Service Manager - is up to speed on the latest EV information

Test your knowledge with these 4 simple questions

Just click on the number to reveal each question...

When describing an EV charge point, what is meant by the terms tethered and untethered?

According to the SMMT, how many different plug-in models of car are available in the UK as of May 2020?

Can you name 3 of the 6 different criteria required to be eligible for a home wallbox grant?

When will the UK stop the sale of brand new petrol and diesel engine cars?

Not sure of the answers? (we could give you them but then you wouldn't need to contact us!) Not confident that you got 4 out of 4? Don’t worry most people don’t! Now, have a think about this... where would you look to find the answers? Internet search, specialist magazines, twitter feeds, that friend who knows, or perhaps your colleagues…

OSCAR is here to help, providing an expansive library of questions that are relevant, essential, up-to-the minute correct and in many cases asked by EV buyers themselves. Oh, and of course OSCAR doesn’t just ask the questions, OSCAR gives you the answers, whether you are correct or incorrect, AND a detailed explanation of the answer to give you background and context.

Or get in touch and let OSCAR ‘electrify your knowledge!’

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per week – you get..

  • Quick and easy set up to a device that suits the user - a seamless implementation.

  • Guaranteed increase in specific Electric Vehicle confidence throughout the Dealership for individual staff, teams, and departments.

  • Improvement in your overall Electric Vehicle customer experience.

  • To go at your pace, flexible and adaptable to your business.

  • Built in rewards and engagement for "top performer" or "most engaged" – you decide!